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The Machine Shop is conveniently located in a separate building on the north side of the Texas A&M University Higher Education Center at McAllen. It is available to engineering students and faculty that require automatic and manual machines for projects.

Machine Shop Rules

  • Each individual in the Machine Shop must wear safety glasses. Visitors will be provided with safety glasses at the entry door of the Machine Shop.
  • Closed-toed shoes must be worn.
  • Only certified workers can do walk-in work.
    • Authorized workers are required to get shop supervisor approval before work is started.
    • Workers are required to follow all standard shop rules and practices.
  • Non-certified workers cannot work in the shop; they must have a certified worker perform all operations.
    • Non-certified workers are allowed to observe or drop off work, but the supervisor must approve and be present while work is being performed.
    • Individuals not working are not to be in the work area.
  • The supervisor has the right to refuse any walk-in work.
  • The individual for whom the work is being done is responsible for all damages. This individual is also responsible for the worker.
  • Small jobs should not require more than 30 minutes of machine or bench time.
  • Shop labor is free of charge for student and faculty projects. Material must be supplied.
  • Work must not be dangerous to the equipment or the personnel.

Forms & Documentation

Read the Shop Manual.

Note: The Machine Shop Manual contains most shop forms and documents.

Procuring Materials & Raw Stock

Raw stock including but not limited to angles, bars, shapes, sheets, beams, channel, rods, plates, tubing, pipes, stainless, copper, brass, aluminum, galvanized and mild steel are required for projects in the Machine Shop.

Automatic Machines

Manual Machines

Frequently Asked Questions

I was in the shop during my introductory course. Am I certified?

Introductory courses do not have very complex projects to prove proficiency and to be able to achieve full certification in the machine shop.

I found some material in the machine shop that worked for my project. Can I use it?

Often, if you find any material lying in the shop, it is somebody's project, therefore, do not use it without first asking and taking permission from the Machine Shop staff. Also, ask the staff where to store your project before leaving the shop.

Contact Us

Texas A&M University Higher Education Center at McAllen
6200 Tres Lagos Blvd
McAllen, Texas 78501
Machine Shop Phone: (956) 271-1365

Marie Amutan

  • Technical Laboratory Coordinator
Marie Amutan