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  • Admission to HECM

    Admission to HECM

    Different Regions, Same Programs

  • AT&T Donation for McAllen Public Health Students

    AT&T Donation for McAllen Public Health Students

    Thank you to AT&T for their generosity in providing a $25,000 scholarship donation fund for HECM Public Health Students. Students in the degree program participate in High Impact Service Curriculum and assist in service projects that serve colonia communities through alleviation of food deserts, various health screenings and other public health interventions. 

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  • The Big Event

    The Big Event

    A BIG thank you o all the Aggies who selflessly volunteered for The Big Event! 



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A Message from the Assistant Provost

As our state aims to increase the college completion rates of our residents, Texas A&M University is on the front line of this effort. The Texas A&M University Higher Education Center at McAllen aims to address the college completion challenge by giving highly qualified students the opportunity to study in the Rio Grande Valley. The programs we offer are rigorous and challenging; but they are offered in an environment that is engaging, highly interactive with faculty, and focused on the student’s success.

At the Texas A&M University Higher Education Center at McAllen, our students will have the best of two worlds. Our students are Aggies through and through. Our students have the full weight and backing of Texas A&M University. Our students will earn their Aggie rings like all other students in College Station. But our students will have the added benefit of being in a small college setting. We know our students by name. We care about them. Our students get excellent advising. Our students will not go anywhere at the Higher Education Center were someone will not know them. We aim to make certain that our students always feel like they belong. 

Our students will learn in a state of the art facility, with tools and equipment that will help students explore, collaborate and discover. This learning will occur in the beautiful Tres Lagos community, in the northern part of the city. We invite you to visit the Higher Education Center, and if you are ready to challenge yourself, consider applying to the Texas A&M University Higher Education Center at McAllen.

-Dr. Adolfo Santos