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Student Organizations

Texas A&M University Higher Education Center at McAllen houses various student organizations to help you succeed as students and support your growth and development.  Student organization involvement will give you the opportunity to create meaningful relationships with fellow students, faculty, and staff and to make an impact on the Texas A&M and McAllen community.  Whether you are looking to expand a recreational hobby or increase your networking skills and professional experiences, there are student organizations to meet your needs. The leadership skills you gain through student organization involvement will follow you past graduation into your career and civic involvement.

Current Organizations

  • Aggie Christian Club
  • Aggie Running Club
  • Big Event
  • PALM Camp
  • Public Health Student Association
  • Upcoming Organizations
  • Pre-Professional Student Organization
  • Student Government Association

Starting a New Organization 

While the Higher Education Center at McAllen has choices to offer among its student organizations, there may be something that you would like to add. Just follow the easy steps on this page and you will be well on your way to starting a new student organization!

1.      Find out how much interest there is among the student body.  It might be helpful to schedule a meeting to find out how many other people share your interests.  You should meet ahead of time with Marimar Miguel to schedule a location and have flyers and emails approved.  Keep a list of all students showing interest and their phone numbers.

2.      Once you know that you have other students to join the organization, start by working on a constitution.  Need some help? Take a look at our template for How To Write a Constitution. Once you have completed a draft, bring it by the Student Services office and we can review it with you.

3.      Have you found an advisor yet?  Every student organization must have a faculty or staff advisor.  Think about what qualities you would like in an advisor. Does this person need to have any special skills?  When you solicit this person’s time, make sure that you make it clear to them what your expectations are. You can even print out the Expectations of an Advisor and take it to them.  This can help them make an informed decision about whether they can volunteer the amount of time that your organization needs.

4.      You are done!  Just submit your Constitution (on paper and by email to to gain approval.

6.      Once you have been approved, you will need to elect officers.  These officers will be required to attend certain training sessions to understand procedures for managing a student organization.

Student Organization Resources

Student Organization Manual

How to Write a Constitution

Risk Management

Student Rules 

Maroon Link  
MaroonLink is a platform supported by Texas A&M University’s Student Activities. It offers student organizations a way to advertise their events for free, tell people about your organization, as well as organize its officers.