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Student Organizations

The Texas A&M University Higher Education Center at McAllen houses several student organizations to help you succeed. By participating in student organizations, you have the opportunity to create meaningful relationships within the Aggie community, further strengthen your leadership skills and build professional experience. 


Current Organizations

Aggie Outdoor and Recreation - McAllen 
To join, please contact:
(956) 245-4575

McAllen Agriculture Economics Club
To join, please contact:
Jose Diego Chapa, Student, Texas A&M University Higher Education Center at McAllen
(956) 263-9610

McAllen Biomedical Sciences Association
To join, please contact:
Cyndi Beltran, Executive Assistant II, Texas A&M University Higher Education Center at McAllen
(956) 271-1349

McAllen Border Pre-Med Society
To join, please contact:
(956) 271-1300

McAllen Society of Automotive Engineers
To join, please contact:
Rafael Fox, Associate Professor of Practice, Multidisciplinary Engineering, Texas A&M University - College of Engineering
(956) 271-1359

McAllen Student Advisory Council*
*Currently pending recognition, however students are welcome to express interest in joining. 

To join, please contact:
Chelsea Elaine Perez, Student, Texas A&M University Higher Education Center at McAllen
(956) 271-1300

Starting a New Organization 


While the Texas A&M University Higher Education Center at McAllen has choices to offer among its student organizations, there may be something that you would like to add. Just follow the easy steps on this page and you will be well on your way to starting a new student organization!

  1. Informational - At least three (3) student leaders attend a New Student Organization (NSO) Informational during the Fall or Spring semester.
  2. Preparation - Students recruit members, create an action plan, and write a constitution.
  3. Application – Students submit an application via link shared after the NSO Informational.
  4. Review – the Department of Student Activities staff review applications and create student organization finance accounts.
  5. StuAct Online – students receive a link for StuAct Online, where they can manage the organization, add advisors & complete forms and trainings.
  6. Approval – upon final approval of the application, students will receive an account number and information on the annual student organization recognition process, which includes officer and advisor Training
  7. Annual Recognition Process - Students complete required components of the annual recognition process, which includes: updating leadership roster, maintaining officer eligibility standards, update StuAct Online profile, complete annual trainings and uploading the most recent version of the organization's constitution.

Student Organization Resources


Maroon Link  
MaroonLink is a platform supported by Texas A&M University’s Student Activities. It offers student organizations a way to advertise their events for free, tell people about your organization, as well as organize its officers.


Contact Information 

Marimar Miguel ‘13