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Higher Education Center at McAllen

COVID-19 Guidance

Updated: March 3, 2021 12:27 p.m. CDT


The Latest:

General Guidance

Dear Students,

As we prepare for the fall semester, we are taking a number of steps to keep everyone as safe as possible. Below are some of the steps we have taken or are taking. Please note that many of these changes are subject to change at the recommendation of Texas A&M University, local, state and national officials.
If you test positive for the Coronavirus, it is important that you report it by going to the following link COVID-19 Report Form. For more information, I would also direct you to the message from the Office of the Provost dated July 25th delivered at 10:27 am (  

  1. In an effort to maintain social distancing and give students the option to learn from home, we have installed cameras in all of the classrooms. We are currently purchasing mobile cameras for the labs.  You will be able to attend class either in the classroom (face-to-face) or virtually. Your professors will work with you to coordinate a rotation schedule, determining who attends face-to-face instruction one day, while giving other students the same opportunity for the next class period. Many of our classes have low enough enrollments that rotating students will not be necessary to maintain social distancing. Some of you may prefer to attend class virtually. Please communicate that with your professors.  
    1. The labs are a bit trickier and we are working on some alternatives for you.
  2. In an effort to keep you safe and informed, we are administering COVID-19 tests. I have created a weekly schedule and will revise it as the need presents.
    1. For COVID 19 testing, you will need to setup an appointment by first going to
    2. After you address the screening questions, you will be sent an email. Click on the link provided and make your appointment.
    3. No Food, Drink or mouthwash: You should not eat, drink or use mouthwash 20 minutes prior to being tested.
    4. Test Type: This is an oral test (NOT a NASAL test). For testing instructions, please watch video
  3. While everyone who enters the Texas A&M University Higher Education Center at McAllen will be required to wear a face covering, we will provide the added option of a face shield for all of our faculty, staff and students who want one. These reusable clear plastic face shields will be an added level of security we are providing. These face shields have been ordered.
  4. In an effort to further minimize the spread of COVID-19, we have installed plexiglass shields in key spots across the HECM. We plan to install shields for classroom podiums.
  5. Faculty, staff and students have the option of having their temperatures checked as they enter the building.
  6. To further protect you, class schedules have been adjusted so as to allow 30 minutes between classes. This will allow you to maintain social distancing as you walk to and from classes. At mid-day, the break between classes has been extended for 45 minutes, so that this time can be used to disinfect the classrooms. The building is being disinfected daily with EPA approved disinfectants. All offices and classrooms are also being outfitted with sanitizing wipes. The Office of the Provost offered more details at
  7. We have installed internet connectivity to extend to the student parking lot. You, could therefore connect to the internet from your vehicles if you prefer not to enter the building.
  8. To minimize contact, all academic advising is being offered virtually via ZOOM. Students needing advising will setup appointment via Navigate.
  9. For your protection, some faculty may hold office hours via ZOOM.  
  10. Efforts to keep students safe while also keeping you engaged are underway. PALM camp and Howdy Week activities for new students will be conducted virtually.
  11. We continue to encourage you to wash your hands frequently. We have also installed sanitizing pumps throughout the building. We will also be providing disinfectant wipes in all the classrooms and offices.  

While we realize that these are unique times, we know that working together, wearing face coverings, washing hands frequently, and maintaining social distancing; we can help curtail the spread of COVID-19. We look forward to providing you the very best educational experience. Do keep in mind that many of our current plans are subject to change, depending on local, state or TAMU recommendations and requirements.
Good luck and BTHO COVID.
Adolfo Santos, Ph.D. | Assistant Provost
Texas A&M University Higher Education Center
6200 Tres Lagos Blvd
McAllen, Texas 78504

Modified Building Access

  • Hours of Operation – Access with Aggie Card ONLY:
    • Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 8 PM
  • Building access will be limited to the Northwest, South, and Southwest doors via keyless access with Aggie ID Cards until further notice. 
    • Northwest Entrance – Entrance by student parking lot
    • South Entrance – Entrance by Security Office
    • Southwest Entrance – entrance by main staircase

All students and employees must comply with applicable local government orders.

If your Aggie Card is lost or stolen, or if you are a College Station student and need
access to this facility, email with your name, UIN, & phone number.

A Note from Academic Advising:

We want to assure you during this critical time that we continue to support your educational endeavors at Texas A&M. As you transition to online learning, we wanted to provide information to help you navigate this new learning environment. More than anything, we want you to know that we care for you and support you during this time.  If there are issues that are not addressed or you need more information, please reach out to us so that we can assist you.

** Questions about academics or classes? **
Know that you may email or call advisors, faculty, and other offices around campus.

Click here to schedule a meeting through NAVIGATE. 

All tutoring hours will be held online via Zoom. Click here to see the full schedule. 

Keep Learning at TAMU is an online resource dedicated to helping you transition your learning online. For more information and resources, please visit

If you need assistance with course accommodations, please contact Disability Resources
Deer Oaks is available 24/7 by phone at 866-329-4148 or online (Login/PW: TAMUSAP)

We want to make sure you have everything you need during this difficult time. Food should not be a factor anyone has to worry about during stressful times, and as such, we are extending access to the 12th Can Food Pantry on campus to students and employees as they need it. We have implemented a food pick-up system that will allow us to practice social distancing while meeting the needs of our community. 

Students and employees can fill out a request online at: